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Chairman & Principal

Chair Person & Principle of the VEDANT B.C.A & B.Com College, serving from 2013 till date.

About Vedant

The B.C.A & B.Com College's commitment to answering that question - and many others - continues to guide it today.

As Chairman & Principal S.G Math said in his inaugural address, "If we take ourselves back to the B.C.A & B.Com College in its early years, we would find many major differences from what we observe today. . . . And yet, many of us connected to the B.C.A & B.Com College feel that we might just as easily have been there - that going back to the B.C.A & B.Com College in its early days, or in fact at any time since its inception, we would know unmistakably that we were at the VEDANT B.C.A & B.Com College.

Why is this? The VEDANT B.C.A & B.Com College, from its very inception, has been driven by a singular focus on inquiry - with a firm belief in the value of open, rigorous, and intense inquiry and a common understanding that this must be the defining feature of this B.C.A & B.Com College. Everything about the VEDANT B.C.A & B.Com College that we recognize as distinctive flows from this commitment."

Mission Statement

Preparing individuals for the next phase of their lives: the world of work, entrepreneurship, advanced learning, career progression and to contribute as positive citizens for economic growth and social prosperity.

Vision Statement

To be a premier private college globally recognized as a leader whose educational experiences, outreach and knowledge creation transforms lives, organizations and communities.