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Academic Subjects for Semster I

Financial Accounting


MIL Add. English/ Hindi / Kannada / Marathi / Sanskrit

Computer Fundamentals

Programming in C

Programming Lab. – Basic Computer Lab

Programming Lab.- C Programming

Academic Subjects for Semster II

Financial Management

Mathematics -II

MIL Add. English/ Hindi / Kannada / Marathi / Sanskrit

Data Structures Using C

Digital Logic and Computer Design

Human Rights and Environmental Studies

Programming Lab.- Data Structures using C

Programming Lab.- Digital Logic Lab.

Academic Subjects for Semster III

Modern Indian Language

Discrete Mathematical Structures

Object Oriented Programming Using Java

Operating System Principles

Data Communications & Computer Networks

Java programming Lab

Linux/UNIX Lab

Academic Subjects for Semster IV

Modern Indian Language

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Advanced Computer Networks and Security

Advanced Java Programming

Database Management System

Advanced Java and Networks Lab.

Database Management System Lab.

Academic Subjects for Semster V

Software Engineering

Software Programming and Testing

Cyber Security

Programming with Python

.Net Framework Using C#

Android and Python Programming lab

# Lab.